17 Jan - 26 Jan

Hello friends! During this unit, we are working on the following vocabulary words:

Oven, Stir, Pour, Pan, Spoon, Muffin, Cake, Bowl, Cookies, Bread

To teach these words to your child, use the words frequently during your daily routines.  These words revolve around baking, cooking, and mealtime, so those are great times to let your little one be involved as you describe the steps involved in preparing and eating meals. Use the vocabulary words frequently and let your child gain personal experience with the meaning of each word. After you have exposed your child to the vocabulary, you can use fill-in-the-blank sentences to help your child use the new words they have learned.  For example, you could say "I'm putting the sugar in the  _____"  and "Now we have to ______!" If they are not able to use the correct word, that's ok.  Give them 3 seconds to answer, then say the word you were looking for, then say the whole sentence again so they hear the whole thing.

Here are the pictures we are also using to teach the vocabulary:

During this unit, you can focus on prepositions 'behind' and 'in front'.  Look for opportunities to use these descriptive words as often as possible.  When playing, eating, cooking, or any time during the day, you can use these words to talk about he location of different objects you are using, i.e. "the car is BEHIND me!" or "your cup was IN FRONT of the milk!"  Bring these words to your child's attention by saying them a little louder and a little slower than the other words in the sentence. Repeat sentences like these often throughout your daily routines. 

During the first week of this unit we are working on the letter "R". The following week (Jan 23-26) we will be working on the letter "H."  When you are reading books, or signs, or labels, point out the letters and help your child write and trace those letters and talk about what sound each letter makes, and practice making its sound.