3 Jan - 12 Jan

Welcome back from Winter Break! During this unit, we are working on the following vocabulary words:

Socks, Hot Chocolate, Gloves, Mittens, Boots, Hat, Scarf, Coat, Sweater, Cold, Snowman

These words were chosen to go with the book "The Hat" by Jan Brett. To teach these words to your child, use the words frequently during your daily routines, such as getting dressed, going out, and reading books.  Label the items for your child often, then ask your child to point to the item/picture as you label them. Guide their hand to the correct item if they are not able to locate it on their own.  

Here are the pictures we are also using to teach the vocabulary:


During this unit, you can focus on the language concept of "Where" questions.  Model how to ask and answer "where" questions by saying things like "Where is the milk?....it's in the fridge!"  or "Where is your shoe?.....Here it is on your foot!" or "Where are you?.....You are in the kitchen!" You can pause after asking the question, but it's ok of your child doesn't answer.  You can answer your own questions, and that will teach your child how we ask and answer questions.  Eventually your child will figure out how to answer.  But they need to be shown first with lots and lots of examples.  You can model this all day long for them! 

During the first week of this unit we are reviewing previously learned letters (0,A,C,D,G,S,F,L,I,T,J,B,K,M). The following week (Jan 9-12) we will be working on the letter "N."  When you are reading books, or signs, or labels, point out the letters and help your child write and trace those letters and talk about what sound each letter makes, and practice making its sound.