13 Feb - 23 Feb

Hello friends! During this unit, we are working on the following vocabulary words:

Airplane, Boat, Helicopter, Car, Train, Bus, Bike, Truck, Signs, Tires


This unit's vocabulary is really fun because these are things we see nearly every day! They are easy to learn because of how much exposure we get to them.  You can help your children learn these words by pointing out and labeling these different things when you see them throughout the day. 

During this unit, you can focus on using a technic called "language extension." When you extend your child's language, you repeat what the child says, but say it with correct grammar and then add new information.  For example, if the child says "airplane fly" you can say "The airplane is flying! It is flying high in the sky!" or if the child says "cracker" you can say "I want a cracker. I want the fish cracker please." This will model appropriate grammar for your child and also expose them to more vocabulary than they would otherwise hear.  When you make a conscious effort to expand on what they say, it makes a big difference in the number of words they learn. 

This past week, the letter of the week was "V".  Next week (Feb 20 - Feb 23) we will be working on the letter "W." When you are reading books, or signs, or labels, point out the letters and help your child write and trace those letters and talk about what sound each letter makes, and practice making its sound.