27 Feb - 9 March

Hello friends! During this unit, we are working on the following vocabulary words:

Frog, Tadpole, Muskrat, Minnow, Goose, Goslings, Crawdad, Pond, Dragonfly, Turtle, Racoon, Water Beetle, Heron, Swallows



This unit's vocabulary is from the story of "Goldilocks and The Three Bears."   You can teach these words by looking up different pictures of these animals on the internet and looking at them together and talking about them.   You could use this opportunity to expose your child to the descriptive words "fast" and "slow" by talking about which animals might be fast and which animals might be slow.  Teach your children the meaning of  "fast" and "slow" in other contexts as well, such as when driving, while playing, or going on a walk.  The best way children can learn vocabulary words is by hearing the word often and seeing/doing what the word means.  

During the first week of this unit we are working on the letter "X"  and the following week (March 6- March 9)  will be letter "Y." When you are reading books, or signs, or labels, point out the letters and help your child write and trace those letters and talk about what sound each letter makes, and practice making its sound.