13 March - 23 March

Hello friends! During this unit, we are working on the following vocabulary words:

Goldilocks/Girl, Bed, Forest, Big Bear, Small Bear, Porridge, Bowl, Cave, Sleeping, Chair.


This unit's vocabulary is from story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.  You can teach these words by either reading or telling the story to your child using the vocabulary provided.  You can also point out these vocabulary words when you see them in other places, such as in other books or pictures. 

You could use this opportunity to expose your child to "who" questions by asking questions about the story as you tell it.  For example, you could ask "who ate the porridge, who sat in the chair, who slept in the bed, whose house is it?" Don't be afraid to model the answer at first.  That is how your child will learn how to answer "who" questions.  You can also use "who" questions in other contexts, such as, "who is coming over today?" and "who is that?"

During the first week of this unit we are working on the letter "E"  and the following week (March 20 - March 23)  will be letter "Z." When you are reading books, or signs, or labels, point out the letters and help your child write and trace those letters and talk about what sound each letter makes, and practice making its sound.