10 April - 13 April

Welcome back from spring break! This week, we are focusing on the following vocabulary words:

broccoli, green beans, beans, tomato, carrot, zucchini, garden hoe, rake, shovel, flower 


This unit's vocabulary is from story called Vegetable Soup.   Use these words as you cook together, are at the grocery store, or as you work in your yard. 

This week, focus on the concepts "big" and "little."  Use these words often and in a variety of contexts.  For example, use the words when you are playing with toys, when you are grocery shopping, when you are outside.  There are endless opportunities to find things that are big and little.  After you have used "big" and "little" a lot and shown examples to your child, you can then begin to use fill-in-the-blank sentences to give your child the opportunity to use the word.  For example, you could say "my hand is big, your hand is....." and let them say the word "little." If your child does not fill-in-the-blank, no worries.  You just supply the word, then say the whole sentence for them again. 

This week we are reviewing the letters "E" and "H." Whenever you see these letters, point them out to your child and talk about their name, what sound they make, and how to write them.